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JMG dealerships are proud to host a range of customer events and local partnerships throughout the year. Giving back to community organisations and sporting clubs through financial donations, sponsorships and car usage are among the many ways JMG support local businesses.

Mitcham Cricket Club

Eastern Honda are proud to be serving as the primary sponsors of the Mitcham Cricket Club for the entirety of the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

The launch of the All New BMW 7 series and all-electric i7

To celebrate the launch of the All New BMW 7 series and all-electric i7, Jowett Motor Group BMW dealerships were pleased to host a group of special guests for overnight experiences at Mitchelton Wines.

The event encompassed a product and drive component, a culinary experience that paid homage to some traditional Indigenous flavours and dishes, and an exquisite dinner in Mitcheltons famous underground cellar.

BMW Track Day Experiences

The BMW Track Day Experiences. Feel the thrill an excitement of M performance vehicles racing around the track.

The Male Bag Foundation

Northern Honda, along with The Honda Foundation and Honda Australia, are proud to be supporting The Male Bag Foundation who dedicate their time to raising awareness and assisting funds towards prostate equipment for rural communities.

Corporate Track Days

Throughout the year JMG BMW dealerships put on corporate track days all which include scenic driving, delicious food, and of course an exceptional fleet of Ultimate Driving Machines.

BMW Dealership Golf Days

BMW Golf Cup Tournaments are an annual event put on by each BMW dealership offering customers the opportunity to compete with other BMW customers.

Monash Business Awards

Waverley BMW are proud sponsors of the Monash Business Awards Group who promote business success and excellence through the recognition of significant achievements amongst small-medium organisations with the City of Monash PMA.

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